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Thank you to all the families who attended our College Zoom Night last week to discuss college applications, COVID 19 info and listen to representatives from UC, CSU and private universities.  

Here is the link of the recorded session



@ start of video (UC Santa Barbara rep)

@ 19:45 of the video (Cal State Fullerton rep) 

@ 36:00 of the video (Chapman University rep)



The Guidance Team visits 12th grade social science classes to share important resources and information to have a successful senior year.  You can access the handouts this coming FALL 2020 after the visits below:



College rep Visits

Come listen to small group presentations delivered directly from college representatives. Local reps are often the first people to review your application, so it is great to meet them in person. 

2020-21 SCHEDULE coming FALL 2020

NCAA - Collegiate Athletics

If you are interested in playing sports in college, you need to make sure that you meet NCAA eligibility requirements.

LETTER OF Recommendation Request - For your ACADEMIC ADVISORS

Letters of Recommendation: Many private universities and some out-of-state universities and scholarship organizations will require these letters.   

Please note: Cal State and UC applications DO NOT require (or  accept) letters of recommendation or secondary school reports. 

Secondary School Report: An evaluation form submitted by your high school counselor/advisor which includes GPA, class rank, course difficulty, academic performance, extracurriculars, and character rating.(Common App, SendEdu, Coalition, individual university application )

If your application follows either a secondary school report or a letter of recommendation, you must:

a) Link/Invite your Academic Advisor to your application/account

b) Student Google Form Coming Fall 2020

c) Have your parent complete the Google Form Coming Fall 2020

Due to the volume of requests, you need to give your academic advisor a few weeks to write a thorough letter. A late request will result in a generic letter or no letter at all. With the various due dates of college applications, and the Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break, DEADLINE TBA

Letter of Recommendation rEQUESTS - for YOUR TEACHERS

Click below for the packet you need to complete if you are asking a TEACHER for a letter of recommendation:


Anatomy of the College Process

College Application Fee:  Application fees will vary per institution, and will be due upon submission of your application.  Some universities offer fee waivers for those who qualify.Have your credit card information available and ready during your application.  Fees are usually at the end of the application form per college/university.

High School Transcript:  To complete your CSU or UC application, you will need an unofficial copy of your high school transcript for self- reporting your classes and grades.  Once you have been accepted to a CSU or UC campus, that particular campus will prompt you to have an OFFICIAL transcript sent from SCHS directly to them upon graduation from high school.  If you are applying to a private or out-of-state university, however, an OFFICIAL transcript will often be required as part of the application process. 

College Admissions Exams/Tests:  Students will often be required to submit the results of college admissions exams (either ACT and SAT; almost all colleges accept with one). For more information regarding these exams, please see College Admissions Testing on the navigation bar to the left of this page.

College Essay and/or Supplemental Questions:   Most colleges will require some form of essay, personal statement, and/or supplemental questions. These are not currently required for applications to the California State University.

Letters of Recommendation: Most private universities and some out-of-state schools and scholarship applications will require that students submit letters of recommendation.  Some will specify who the recommender should be (teachers, employers, coaches, and community leaders); others simply indicate how many recommendations are required.  Letters of recommendation give evaluators and selection committees alternate information about you the person.  Keep in mind that these individuals will already have objective information - your grades, classes and test scores - they want to know about your character and who you are outside of the classroom, more appropriately, how others see you!

Service Hours/Extra-Curricular Activities/Volunteering: Students are not required to do service hours as a condition of graduation from San Clemente High School/Capistrano Unified School District, however, most universities will, as a part of their application process, ask students to document service hours, extra-curricular activities and volunteer hours.  The general rule of thumb is to get involved in an activity that you are passionate about and can commit to for a length of time.  Universities will ask what types of activities you were involved in, how long you were committed to the activity and what skills you developed or how it affected you personally. Click here for the volunteer log.

CEEB School Code


SCHS School Profile

Need help on applications?

UC-approved a-g course list

If you would like to view the courses that the UC system has approved as meeting a-g requirements at any high school, please click here: 

Institution Search

California State University (CSU)

Community Colleges

CA Colleges

More Resources

Futureology forms guides, checklists, worksheets, assessments, blog posts, infographics, videos, online tools, and additional support 


Big Future gives students and families free comprehensive college planning resources including in a great college search tool.


Cal Career Center supported by the CA Dept. of Education - provides tools to help students map their future, whether looking ahead to college, apprenticeship, the military or other options.


CA Career Zone supported by the CA Dept. of Education - helps students explore, plan for and pursue careers that reflect their passion, skills, and life goals. Info is available in Spanish.


College Express makes the college search easier with search tools, scholarship database, and awesome college rankings and lists.


College Raptor compares colleges to match students with the best fit and allows users to estimate and compare net price and financial aid as well as share lists—in minutes.


California Colleges provides students with an all-inclusive guide for their college & career paths & enables educators to track their progress.


 College Essay Guy  A great resource for essay help for students and parents.