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ASB 2020-21

On behalf of San Clemente High School, I would like to thank all of our applicants for giving their best in our ASB selection process for the 2020-21 schoolyear.  Your dedication to your school and drive to be part of student leadership is commendable.  Below are the ASB officers for the 2020-21 schoolyear.  



ASB President
Lily Redmond
ASB Vice-President
Cameron Culkin
ASB Secretary
Gina LeCause
ASB Treasurer
Jessica Carrera
Senior President
Sydney Seefeldt
Senior Vice President
Fatima Muniz
Junior President
Meelad Ahmadi
Junior Vice President
Olivia Cates
Sophomore President
Mason Ord
Sophomore Vice President
Nolan Reid
Commissioner of Activities 
Morgan Mack
Zane Pert
Zach Roeber
Chloe Shepherd
Commissioner of Balloons and Decorations 
Karah McKinnon
Milan Pekarek
Commissioner of Boys Sports 
Cash McConnell
Commissioner of Clubs 
Claudia Mains
Skylar Regan
Syndey Snyder
Commissioner of Elections and awards 
Luke Smith
Emmy Aasland
Commissioner of Girls Sports 
Makena Viera
Commissioner of Loud Crowd 
Garrett Carter
Trent Stacy
Hailey Prather
Commissioner of Pep 
Delaney Moody
Sophia Panigrahi
Brenna Davis
Jackson Craft
Tori Ghyzel
Elizabeth Herrod 
Emerson Litchfield
Lexi Dalkas
Gigi Russell
Rhyan Johnson
Commissioner of Publicity 
Chris Holt
Brayden Jensen
Commissioner of Supplies and Maintenance 
Hayden Dill
Holly Milner
Commissioner of Technology 
Nathan Melcher
Aiden Bennett
Davis Rail 
Trevor Novak
Luke Huston
Gavin Stay
Commissioner of Website Maintenance/Teacher Liaison 
Benji Prather
Lexi Knapp
Commissioner of Welfare and Community Service 
Gavin McAlpin
Grace Shulga
Malia Mayo
Grace Giranda
Freshmen President
Ashlyn Green
Freshmen Vice President
Kylie Hornig
Freshmen Activities
Grace Nachreiner
Piper Prather
Freshmen Welfare and Community Service
Mollie Naylor
Freshmen Pep
Nicole Redderson
Freshmen Sports
Enzo Candolo
Freshmen Tech/Photographer
Blake McAlpin